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What are the Silver Key Advantage Platinum Benefits?

Silver Key Advantage is an exclusive program for employees to save money when buying or selling their most important asset—real estate. With our team of experts, you will have access to extensive information—making the buying or selling experience as smooth as possible.

As a member of the Silver Key Advantage network, you will be joining a family of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Whether you are buying a home or selling your home, we have solutions for you. Our focus is on helping you save time and money and to offer you a user-friendly, confidential, full-service experience.

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*To participate in this program, you must contact Silver Key Advantage prior to buying or selling real estate to qualify. If you are already working with an agent, you may not qualify for Silver Key Advantage benefits. Furthermore, Silver Key Advantage benefits are not retroactive if you are under contract or closed on a real estate transaction. If your home is already listed, this is not a solicitation to list your home. There is a minimum purchase/saleprice of $100,000 to receive the full rebate amounts. Purchase/sale rebates are based on a 2.8% commission rate.

Your Cash Back Incentives

Purchase/Sale Price     Cash Back 

$0             - $249,999                    $   500.00

$250,000  - $299,999                    $1,250.00

$300,000  - $349,999                    $1,500.00

$350,000  - $399,999                    $1,750.00

$400,000  - $449,999                    $2,000.00

$450,000  - $499,999                    $2,250.00

$500,000 -  $549,999                    $2,500.00

$550,000  - $599,999                    $2,750.00

$600,000  - $649,999                    $3,000.00

$650,000 -  $699,999                    $3,250.00

$700,000 -  $749,999                    $3,500.00

$750,000  - $799,999                    $3,750.00

$800,000 and Above                    $4,000.00

* Not all marketing programs, benefits,

or services may be available in certain geographic regions.  Please consult Silver Key Advantage for more information.

How Do I Access my Advantage Benefits?

It’s easy.  Register your name and phone number in the registration box above and you can begin using this optional benefit and be reassured that your cash back benefit, as well as other incentives included, are easily understood and utilized.  Once you fill out the registration form, your needs will be assessed and the best choice of real estate professional will be paired with your family.


You or any member of your family can use any of the benefits and incentives negotiated by your employer at any time. You can also call us directly to talk through your needs.  Take advantage of these options and you will save money, time and resources.


Call or register today.  We will build a team of Real Estate, Mortgage, Title, Moving, Home Inspectors and repair experts around your needs!





Your Team of Professionals




Steve Castillo 

America Inspectons

America Inspections is a full service home inspection company. They are ITA trained & certified, E&O insured and experienced. America Inspections has helped literally thousands of clients since 2005. They provide excellent customer service and conduct a quality home inspection.

DJ Roberts

Canvas Credit Union


Nicole Reuth

The Reuth Team

Fairway Mortgage




Rob Posavad

Eagleview Solutions, Inc.

Serving the Denver Metropolitan Area and beyond, the professionals at Eagleview Solutions, Inc., are the go-to, full service moving company you can trust to get the job done right! 

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